Vote, But Don’t Touch

Speaking of voting, here in Texas we have an upcoming election on the 8th. We will once again be explaining to our fellow citizens that the e-Slate is not a touchscreen. Some local races may be decided. I think Houston is doing Mayor and Council elections.

The main issues on the ballot are constitutional amendments. A summary of the amendments from the Texas Legislative Council is found here (Word format). The Free Market Foundation has a summary here. Of course, who cares what those people think. You’re coming here for the commentary only found at YPS! So I’m going to do my duty as a mildly informed member of the commentariat to sway your thinking into a path more acceptable to someone of my virulently ideological bent. Seeing as how the only person who thinks like me is me, I’m going to use my amazing powers of meme generation to make you think like me! You should probably be frightened if you feel there’s even the vaguest possibility of it working. Anyhow, in order, here’s my recommendations for your voting on the 8th.

Prop. 1 – No. The railroads can go pound sand like every other business with problems. It is not the state’s responsibility to bail you out from the results of your crappy decisions.

Prop. 2 – No. If gays and lesbians want to get married, let them. Divorce court will get much more entertaining.

Prop. 3 – No. It smells like creative government accounting to me. The state is trying to reclassify things to juggle money around and give them greater flexibility. Somehow, I think greater flexibility means "screw the taxpayer".

Prop. 4 – Yes. If people are screwing around while they’re out on bail, lock that ass back up. More coherently, the defendant must have violated a condition of release that endangers the safety of the victim(s) or the community. Sure, keep them locked up until trial.

Prop. 5 – Yes. The government shouldn’t be setting interest rates. However, given that usury is written into the Texas Constitution, I’d rather have the Lege determine interest rates than have them hardwired in the Constitution. I’d much rather the article in question was removed, but that ain’t gonna happen.

Prop. 6 – Yes. Additional public members on oversight boards are always good.

Prop. 7 – Yes. Texas has way too many restrictions on contracts designed to make sure people don’t get screwed. You shouldn’t be trying to protect people from their own stupidity. Fraud, yes, stupidity, no.

Prop. 8 – No. I don’t fully understand the issues involved, so I’m going to have to go with not amending. It looks on the face of it to be an issue that shouldn’t have to be settled with an amendment.

Prop. 9 – No. Regional mobility authorities are disastrous refuges for incompetents. Giving those weasels six year terms is a horrible idea.

So there you have it, my recommendations on the upcoming Texas’ Constitutional Amendments. Go forth and vote in accordance with my wishes. Just remember, if you live in Harris County, the e-Slate is not a touchscreen. And as always, be nice to your poll workers. They are volunteers trying to make sure that our republic functions as necessary. As horribly rude as I may come off here and in person at times, I try real hard to be nice to everybody on election day. When you're out voting, try to return the favor.


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