Stainless Steel and Full Metal Jacket

My birthday is coming up soon. As birthday presents are supposed to be a surprise, I have absolutely no idea what I’m getting for my birthday. I might be getting one of these. At least, I watched J pay for it after I filled out the ATF paperwork. So I think the odds are pretty good, but I still have to act surprised.

This is mainly because my wife is very process-oriented sometimes. It is not yet my birthday, so I don’t get my present yet. So I’ve been accessory shopping instead. I picked up 200 rounds of .45 at Wal-Mart, since it was the appropriate day, anyway. I’ll need to pick up more before I actually get my present and go to the range. I also need more magazines. The pistol only comes with one magazine. There’s the loaded coupon that’ll get me up to 10 more factory mags, but it’s in the box with the pistol. I may just say screw it and get some Chip McCormick or Wilson mags until I receive my gift. Then I can order more factory mags.

I also need a range bag to haul all the sundry equipment around in, plus additional stuff so J can learn to shoot as well. All kinds of stuff to buy to go with the gift. Woo-hoo! I’m going back to shopping.


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