Doctor, Doctor

I am growing tired of going to the doctor. I’ve been to the doctor more times this year than I have in the past ten. I went again yesterday for a follow up from a previous visit. Poking and prodding and testing, oh my. Apparently I am on the low end of normal in a variety of categories. Aside from that, I am mostly okay. Now I’m just tired from the collection of drugs I’m taking.

In other news, a federal judge in New York has decided, all prior indications to the contrary, that Congress ain’t the boss of him. Said judge apparently thinks the NYC suit against gun manufacturers can proceed despite the passage of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. The case claims gun manufacturers have created a public nuisance through negligent marketing. While facially absurd to me, the judge apparently believes in the merits of the case so much he’s willing to tell Congress to go pound sand. I would think that’s not a method for ensuring career longevity as a judge, but what do I know? Seems to me pissing off the only group that can fire you is not a recipe for success.

Of course, I’m confused by the basis behind the lawsuit, anyway. Gun manufacturers are creating a public nuisance through negligent marketing? WTF? Are gun billboards falling on people’s heads or something? I think there’s some crap about selling more guns in states where the gun laws aren’t as restrictive. This only makes sense to me, because if you lower the barriers to ownership, you’ll have more owners. I don’t know. It’s some asshat trying to hijack the legal system to achieve a policy outcome. I think it’ll fail spectacularly, but I’ve been wrong on my judicial outcome predictions many times before.


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