Well, it’s been a fun few weeks at YPS Manor. I got a cold, which the doctor feels lowered my resistance enough so that I could catch another virus. I got laid low while J was decorating the new shiny aluminum Christmas tree. Let me tell you, having a coughing fit from the one virus that causes you to puke from the second one is no way to spend a holiday weekend.

I did, however, get my check from the county for working the election. I think, all things considered, I made just above minimum wage. So the kid working the cash register at McDonald’s makes about as much as the people working elections. Keep that in mind the next time you bitch about the electoral system, at least in Texas. Anyhow, I’m dithering about what to buy with my hard-won gains. I want a cheap digital camera for work purposes and to carry around in the truck. I also want a plethora of other things, so I guess the winnowing procedure has to commence first. This Samsung looks pretty good fro just over a hundred. Alternatively, this bag looks like a good deal, too. Decisions, decisions.

I can fritter away my time on things like this because we are done with holiday shopping. Well, almost. I have to go and get gifts for my lovely and talented wife, but I have a pretty good idea what I’m getting. It’s just a matter of actually going to the store, which will probably be accomplished tonight. After that, the holiday season is just one long excuse to eat and drink. Woo-hoo!


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