May I Have Another?

Okay, I have no idea if the suburbanites to the north have actually followed through on the idiotic plan to ban handguns. I found this through Dave Kopel’s post outlining the sordid and sorry tale of how the Canadian government slowly stripped away the rights of its citizen-subjects.

There are two things going on here that I find amusing. One is the absolute bone-headed insistence by some people on pursuing a failing policy with more of the same. Guns are thoroughly controlled in Canada, yet the rate of gun crime is going up. What to do? Make more laws restricting guns! Because that will stop criminals! After all, a criminal is defined as someone who engages in gross violation of the law. So passing more laws will… will… Okay, I honestly admit I have no idea what passing more laws against things that are already illegal is supposed to do. If someone is willing to kill another person, I don’t think the fact the pistol they plan on using is illegal is going to deter them. Someday, gun people won’t have to flog this particular deceased equine anymore because idiots will get the point: Disarming the law abiding does not affect the criminals.

The other amusing issue is we have proof, yet again, of people arguing registration is not a prelude to confiscation being wrong. England, Australia, and now Canada are why gun owners and the NRA fight so hard against any type of registration scheme. You cannot compromise with people whose goal is the eventual destruction of your rights. You gain nothing with such a "compromise". We also have a strong suspicion that many of the people pushing for "reasonable restrictions" are lying. Some are blatant about their desire to destroy the 2nd Amendment, while others are sneaky. Regardless, the wise and crafty gun owner would do well to trust no one who advocates more restrictions of their rights. The ultimate goal may not be what they say it is.

Honestly, I don't understand why anyone who care about individual liberty lives in Canada anyway. They have a long and bizarre tradition of hostility to free speech and most other individual rights. If any of you Canadians decide you don’t want to give up your guns, move down here. Texas is not going to ban any kind of gun in the foreseeable future. Plus, it’s not 25 degrees outside where I am, unlike Toronto.

Update: Paul Martin did go ahead and pull the trigger on his idiot proposal. GWA.45 has some thoughts for those of you in gun grabber territory. I heartily second his ideas. If you think your state may get around to banning some variety of weapon, prepare early with minimally documented weapons. Me? I'm not so worried. I live in Texas. Plus, the weapons recently given to me by my mother-in-law would be minimally papered, if at all. Remember: purchases between private individuals are not usually subject to much paperwork, if any. Gifts are even better!


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