I must admit I am taking a great deal of joy watching the frozen contents of the heavens drop down upon the greater DC metro area. I am not, strangely for me, taking joy in the misery and suffering of those trapped in the snow, as documented here. I do feel for my friends trapped in the snow, and wish them all the best.

No, I'm just happy I don't live there anymore. From 1979 on and off through 1995 I lived in one of the sleepier Virginia suburbs of DC. I know all too well what the weather is doing to the area. As a result of that knowledge, I live on the Gulf Coast of Texas. It snows about once every 5 years down here. I am enjoying the validation of my lifestyle choice of not living where snow is a regular winter occurrence.

Yes, I may get hurricanes, but you know what? It's warm when they blow through here. For all of you trapped in the snow, I can only second the advice found here.
Stay inside. Dress warmly. Start drinking now.
On that note, I leave y'all to it.

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