Bin Laden to McAuliffe: Our fax machine is up and running

...or maybe that goes vice-versa...Does it trouble anyone else that every time this idiot chicken bastard pops up, he's spewing Democrat party talking points? Don't believe me? Here's a partial transcript as printed by Drudge, with loony Donk talking points in brackets provided by me.

...You American people, my speech to you is the best way to avoid another conflict about the war and its reasons and results. I am telling you security is an important pillar of human life. And free people don't let go of their security contrary to Bush's claims that we hate freedom. He should tell us why we didn't hit Sweden for instance. [The best way for the US to not be hit again is to be weaker, more quiet, insignificant, and pacifist, like Europe.]

Its known that those who hate freedom don't have dignified souls like the 19 who were blessed. [One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.]

But we fought you because we are free people, we don't sleep on our oppression. We want to regain the freedom of our Muslim nation as you spill our security, we spill your security... [The US is at fault for being attacked by terrorists, oh...er, freedom fighters...they're fun freedom loving people too.]

I am so surprised by you. Although we are in the fourth year after the events of Sept 11, Bush is still practicing distortion and misleading on you, and obscuring the main reasons and therefore the reasons are still existing to repeat what happened before. [BUSH LIED!!!!!]

I will tell you the reasons behind theses incidents...I will be honest with you on the moment when the decision was taken to understand. We never thought of hitting the towers. But after we were so fed up, and we saw the oppression of the American Israeli coalition on our people in Palestine and Lebanon, it came to my mind and the incidents that really touched me directly goes back to 1982 and the following incidents. When the US permitted the Israelis to invade Lebanon with the assistance of the 6th fleet. In these hard moments, it occurred to me so many meanings I cant explain but it resulted in a general feeling of rejecting oppression and gave me a hard determination to punish the oppressors. While I was looking at the destroyed towers in Lebanon, it came to my mind to punish the oppressor the same way and destroy towers in the US to get a taste of what they tasted, and quit killing our children and women... [The evil, imperialist, USA started this. If America will capitulate to the will of the terrorists, and contribute to the destruction of Israel, the terrorists will leave us alone.]

We didn't find difficulty dealing with Bush and his administration due to the similarity of his regime and the regims in our countries. Whish half of them are ruled by military and the other half by sons of kings and presidents and our experience with them is long. Both parties are arrogant and stubborn and the greediness and taking money without right and that similarity appeared during the visits of Bush to the region while people from our side were impressed by the US and hoped that these visits would influence our countries. Here he is being influenced by these regimes, Royal and military. [Bush is only President because of his father. America is nothing more than a secret monarchy.]

And was feeling jealous they were staying for decades in power stealing the nations finances without anybody overseeing them. So he transferred the oppression of freedom and tyranny to his son and they call it the Patriot Law to fight terrorism. [The Patriot Act is serving some larger sinister purpose in Ashcroft's oppressive America. Bush is going to knock on our doors, rape our children and burn all of our books under the Patriot Act.]

He was bright in putting his sons as governors in states and he didn't forget to transfer his experience from the rulers of our region to Florida to falsify elections to benefit from it in critical times... [President Bush (41) set up Jeb in Florida to steal the election for President Bush (43).]

We agreed with Mohamed Atta, God bless him, to execute the whole operation in 20 minutes. Before Bush and his administration would pay attention and we never thought that the high commander of the US armies would leave 50 thousand of his citizens in both towers to face the horrors by themselves when they most needed him because it seemed to distract his attention from listening to the girl telling him about her goat butting was more important than paying attention to airplanes butting the towers which gave us three times the time to execute the operation thank God...[Bush's failure to completely panic a room full of school children when the planes hit on 9/11 made the attack even worse because Bush is a stupidhead.]

Your security is not in the hands of Kerry or Bush or Al Qaeda. Your security is in your hands. Each state that doesn't mess with our security has automatically secured their security. [If America will just show them how nice we are and don't go after them, they'll leave us alone. We should be more sensitive.]

My opinion: We so must kill this piece of shit. Kill this coward Bin Laden, not the coward Democrats. I'll be happy enough to beat the hell out of them in the voting booth.


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