First North Korea, Now Syria

A friend turned me on to this article today, which I found interesting on so many levels. First, who in the hell elected the EU to be coming to any agreements with anybody? Oh yeah, never mind. With the moral authority and ability to militarily enforce these agreements, they should've just mailed the permission slip over to the Security Council in New York City.

Dear Security Council,
Please let the terrorists be terrorists.

It would've been a lot cheaper. I also noticed that there is no mention of the weapons everybody knows they already have (i.e. the stuff that was shuffled over the border by Saddam prior to the US Military arriving), so I guess they just get to keep it. I'm thinking when terrorists set off a nuke in Paris or Berlin, the Euros will have forfeited their right to complain? Not likely, although I'll put that little happy picture in my brain of President Bush giving them the finger.


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