Yesterday was my birthday. I am officially older now. Woohoo! I also got my highly anticipated present, a fine 1911A1 from the nice people at Springfield Armory. It doesn’t look like that anymore, since I already went and added a Smith & Alexander mainspring housing with integral magwell. I also replaced the stock recoil spring with a Wolff variable power. I need to finish and swap out the firing pin spring with the Wolff that came with the recoil spring. At some point, I’ll have to get someone to install a beavertail grip safety and tighten up the magwell fit. I’m not going to attempt anything that requires metal removal myself. I will leave that to a trained professional. I also have 5 Chip McCormick mags to go with my new gun. I have 200 rounds of Winchester 230 gr. FMJ from Wally World. So later this week I hope to hit the range and see if I remember how to shoot a pistol. I used to be okay at it. We’ll see how much I suck at it now.

In addition to buying me the pistol, my lovely wife took me out to the Strip House for dinner on Saturday. I broke one of the cardinal rules by eating a piece of prime rib bigger than my head. The food was excellent, and I highly recommend it. She also got me the Complete Calvin & Hobbes, all 24 pounds of it. Bill Watterson was probably the finest practitioner of the daily comic strip during the time he was working. His work holds up extremely well. I recommend the set if you don’t already have everything, or even if you do.

Other gifts received include one of the tiny Leatherman tools in a further attempt to clutter up my keychain. That came with a bright purple sweater and a copy of Home Hacking Projects for Geeks. Other people presented me with the new Lileks book, Mommy Knows Worst, and How to Make War. I also got a book about Festivus. There were a couple of gift cards, one to Barnes & Noble. More books! So if y’all will excuse me, I’m gonna go read now.


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