Credit Crunch?

So I keep hearing that credit markets are tightening up, and that loans are more difficult to come by. I personally don't know, as I'm not in the market for a loan and have a sneaking suspicion I can get one anyway. Maybe this applies to business credit, real estate, and car loans. I honestly don't know. Half of the financial press these days seems to be filled with speculation about what might happen instead of hard data about what is happening.

However, I find it difficult to believe it's hard to get credit when the grocery store has taken to printing credit card applications on the bottom of the receipts.

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Belated Cheer

We're a little late around here, so MFC to all. I hope your Christmas was Merry and Santa brought you something you wanted. I was hoping for a little less stupidity from my fellow man, but as always, I was disappointed.



My Brain Is Hurting

There's lots to read and digest as I awaiting the coming apocalypse, zombie or otherwise. The Congress is going mad, passing out money to various and sundry groups like they actually have some to give. Obama is picking an all-star staff of ignuts to fill his cabinet, and looks to be in the process of cementing the worst policy trends of both the Bush and Clinton administrations in the process. Corruption and dynastic politics runs rampant as senatorial replacements are contemplated. I could comment substantively, but my head already hurts today. I'm thinking of standing on a street corner wearing an End Is Nigh sign, but that won't pay the bills.

Fuck it, here's some random nonsense percolating though my head.

I'm sure she's a very nice lady, but "Christy Chesterton" just sounds like a stripper or a porn star name. I think it's the alliteration and the chest reference.


Vilsack as Ag Secretary? Forget about ever getting rid of corn/ethanol subsidies.

Somebody pull back and nuke the Kennedy compound from orbit. It's the only way to be sure we never get another one of those people in public office again.

I want a bailout. I pay my bills on time and I have no great problems, but I'm sure, if you give me a few minutes, I can come up with a reason why I deserve great huge piles of cash forcefully extracted from my neighbors and funneled through a bunch of dipshits in Washington. So far the compelling rationale seems to be "Life is hard! We made bad decisions! Give us money!" Apparently trying not to become the poster child for consumer bankruptcy was a poor decision, as it doesn't allow me to sponge off the rest of you saps.

Bar food at home. Eat up, and have a drink while you're at it.

LaRouchies were out at the last gun show I attended. I'm not sure why they think a gun show is a good place to recruit.

Meh. I'm out.

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To the consternation of some, the delight of others, and the amazement of all, I have survived yet another year on planet earth.

Yay me.

Send presents.


Art For The Ages

I'm still a little confused by the election of Barack Obama. I share the viewpoint in which he is a political non-entity with barely enough experience to be a senator, much less the President. I attribute part of it to the fact he wasn't Bush, and part of it to the wierd cult of personality that built up behind the Obamarama. I also attribute the electoral results to the fact a vast number of my fellow Americans are dumb as rocks, but I attribute many, many things to that cause. General stupidity is such an accepted explanation around here it barely merits a lethargic "meh", much less a blog post.

Anyhow, I've heard a lot of people claim there's no cult, it's all based on issues and qualifications. To this I say: bollocks. As evidence for weird cult of personality, I give you this. And in conjunction with the picture, I'd like to ask: WTF? I mean, my fellow travelers are supposed to be the ones taking and advocating for the legalization of drugs, but I sure as hell didn't see artwork of Bob Barr and his moustache leading the faithful out of perdition while naked on the back of a dragon and smiting the statist bastards with hellfire and lightning. No, the donks are the ones making crazy posters.

Not everybody may have voted for the BO based on deranged hero-worship, but some of you sure as hell did.

Side note: How does a guy with two kids get to ride a unicorn? The classic unicorn can only be touched by a virgin. Unless the turkey baster is the preferred avenue of procreation in the Obama household, he don't qualify.

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Still Flabbergasted

Well, our frenemies over at H-S Precision have made a statement on their poor choice in testimonials. As I read it, my impression is "We're sorry you got offended."

Not quite the response of someone who understands the issue and is actually contrite. I guess I know what stock won't be going on my Savage rifle when I get ready to finish it out.

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Lab Notes and Everything

I believe it was P. J. O'Rourke who once said "I believe in that which can be proven by reason and experiment, and I want to see your logic and your lab notes." It's a phrase that has served me well in professional practice as an engineer. It also applies to a whole host of things gun-related. The topic of guns and ballistics is the probably the source of more bullshit than anything I'm personally familiar with.

Spend time on any gun-related internet forum or just go hang out in a gun store. You'll hear more ridiculous crap than I can even remember. So it's always good to see people doing actual testing to see what happens as opposed to listening to the random nonsense spouted by armchair commandos the world over. These guys decided to figure out what effect barrel length had on velocity with a variety of pistol rounds. They also kept meticulous track of the data and have everything available on the website. Trust a physics geek to run a decent experiment. It may not be the final word on the subject, but it's a damn good first take.

I'll also throw a link out for the Box of Truth. Less rigorous than the previous website, but vastly informative nonetheless. Plus, it's always fun to see stuff get blown up.

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1933 Style, Baby

Today is the official anniversary of the passage of the 21st Amendment and the associated repeal of the 18th Amendment. In a strange twist of fate, the vote by Utah to ratify the amendment made it all legal. Utah is responsible for your being able to legally tie one on tonight. Unless, of course, you are under the age of 21 or happen to live in one of the many existing dry counties. In that case, bootleg you some hooch and tie one on anyway. Don't let the man tell you what to do! Take charge of your own destiny by imbibing large quantities of booze! Tell the nice man down at the liquor store Lou Bega sent you.

I could, if I were inclined, mention the parallels with other substances currently banninated by the feds. However, the bright and astute reader should be able to figure them out fairly quickly. Unless you've been drinking, in which case it might take you a bit longer. Short summary on a Friday afternoon: prohibition doesn't work, mmmkay?

In honor of the occasion, a preferred vendor here at YPS Manor has introduced a commemorative set. On the occasion of Repeal Day, might I suggest a drink or two?
Agent Orange
1 1/2 oz Southern Comfort
1 1/2 oz Jack Daniel's
8 oz orange juice

Mix in a tall glass. Adjust orange juice to taste.
You could also try something simple like a Jack & Coke. Seeing as how it's damned cold around here, (for here, anyway), I feel compelled to suggest something in the way of a hot drink? This one works well, assuming you have some whipped cream.
Coffee Jack
1 oz Jack Daniel's
1 oz Bailey's Irish Cream
Whipped Cream

Pour the Jack & Bailey's into a mug. Fill with coffee and garnish with whipped cream.
It actually works okay even if you don't have whipped cream. Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to Jack. I hear bathtub gin was popular during Prohibition, so you might whip yourself up something with gin. Since I don't drink that nasty shit, you're on your own with gin-based comestibles. The prettier, politer, and meaner half of YPS is partial to vodka. A favorite recipe of hers follows.
Vodka Shot
1 1/2 oz Grey Goose, Ketel One, White Gold, or Stolichnaya

Place vodka in freezer. When the consistency resembles Caro syrup, it's time to drink. As J says, "Mixers are for wusses."
If you're feeling a bit less hard, try this.
White Russian
1 1/2 oz Tito's Handmade Vodka
1 1/2 oz Kahlua
Half-and-half or Light cream

Fill cocktail glass with ice. Add Tito's and Kahlua. Fill with light cream and stir to mix.
So have a drink a celebrate your freedom to do so! Or not. Don't let me tell you what to do.

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Best Burgers Around

As we all know, sacred cows make the best hamburger. So Marko takes most, if not all, of us to task for our favored choices. Of course, he's wrong about my particular choices and spot on about yours. Because, well, your choices are driven by your philosophy and we all know about that, right? If not, look up at the top of the page.