So, yesterday was what, the 14th final last ditch effort of the Clinton campaign to try to wrest the nomination from Obamarama's clutches? If she didn't score a decisive victory, she can't win the nomination! Did it work? How the hell should I know? I'm not a donk. I haven't figured out the donk primary in my state, much less any other. Read an eyewitness account of Pennsylvania's excitement for yourself and draw your own conclusion.



Blogger Ted said...

They're going to put that carpet-munching "wife" of Clinton's in office.
Hide and watch.
Commie Papist Kennedy's all about her. Papist Comrade Hugo Chavez has the voting machines locked and loaded, and the superdelegates with whom she's in bed are all set to scream "Let's roll!"
Do the math.

I don't blame ya, Bill. If that was my wife, Monica'd look good too.

7:42 AM  

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