Surreal Suburban Shopping

I live in a tiny little refinery town east of Houston. For daily shopping, we drive to the slightly larger town between us and Houston. In terms of tourism, where I live is literally a gaping void. There is almost nothing to see or do here except watch suburbanites live their daily lives.

Which is why it was so strange to go shopping last night for some groceries and sundries and run into 7 van-loads of Japanese tourists wandering through the SuperTarget. Umm, what? You flew all the way to America to go shopping in a SuperTarget in suburban Texas? I guess if you're after the authentic American experience, this is one of them. Still, kind of odd given the lack of proximity to anything interesting.

What makes it ever stranger is the discussion we were having while walking into the store was about the historical antecedents of Japanese tentacle pr0n. So imagine having a conversation about 19th century erotic netsuke involving octopi only to walk into Target and find it full of Japanese tourists. Synchronicity, indeed.

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