Bashing Peanut Farmers for Fun and Profit

Well, only one peanut farmer, really. Steve keeps saying he's no longer blogging about politics, but apparently can't help himself. That's good, because we get gems like:
I can't figure Carter out. Imagine you're an old guy who gets fired from his job for incompetence. So instead of redeeming yourself by getting a new job and doing it well, you keep hanging around your old office, criticizing all the new guys who get your job, all of whom do it way better than you did. That's Jimmy Carter's gig. If people like him worked at Wendy's, every time you went to the drive-through, you'd see some nut standing by the window, yelling things like, "Oh, NO, Lakeisha, you did NOT touch the toppings without a plastic glove!"
Seriously, is there a better critique of Carter's post-presidency ever? If there is, I haven't read it.

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Blogger Ted said...

Don't mention that jelly-fish's name. He makes my ass hurt, and reminds me of the incompetent we have in there now, whose spent so much time Hoovering Clinton and palling with "our friends, the Saudis", you'd think he was a Donk.

6:55 PM  

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