Light A Fire

It's Beltane. Fire something up. Drive the cattle through the need fire to purify them for the coming season or some such pastoral ritual. What do I know from ancient Celtic rituals? Me, I'm gonna do what I always do on festive and non-festive occasions alike: drink beer.

It's also International Workers' Day. I don't recommend blowing up cops or shooting striking workers in celebration, though. While historically accurate, it's frowned upon in most jurisdictions. I'm not sure what one does to celebrate given those limitations. March outside with a gaggle of deluded communists seems to be the default answer for much of the world. However, I live in Texas. March with communists is never the right answer here, even if it were a good idea in the first place. So I think I'll be skipping any celebration of worker solidarity or WTFever in favor of ancient rituals involving fire. Fire, unlike communists, is at least entertaining and useful.

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