Loserpalooza '08

If you, like me, can't stomach the thought of voting for any of the unattractive donkelphant candidates for President this year there are other options. Here's the rundown on the possibilities for the Libertarian Party nomination this year. Whoever gets the nod won't win, but they'll be a damn sight more palatable than McCain or the eventual winner of Donk Death Match '08.



Blogger Ted said...

If you're married to the typical domineering feminstaazi American woman, getting a divorce won't help after 20 JAN 2009, as the Roman Catholic cult (s)elects HITLERy to rule U.S. for the next 8.
Her secret weapon in the Donk dog and pony show appears to be Obama's racist preacher, and I have to wonder how phat bank she's "contributing" to his coffers behind the scene.
Only "new money" wealthy hate socialism: Old-Money, Filthy-Rich adore to idolatry the concept which has allowed them to bring most of the world under their control while still preserving the illusion of democracy and liberty.

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