Tinfoil Hat No Longer Enough

Reading an article about geomagnetism and the effect on the brain has clued me in to the whole tinfoil hat thing. 15% of the population, as determined by some Russian guy, is abnormally sensitive to fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic fields. I’m thinking that wrapping your head in a Faraday cage might be an attempt to self-treat. However, there’s still that pesky neck problem, so you should really think about a tinfoil suit. It’s hard to see out, I know, but an effective Faraday cage can use mesh instead of a solid material. Just make sure the holes are the right size for the wavelength you’re trying to block. As I have no idea what wavelengths we’re dealing with, you’re on your own with figuring out how big the holes should be to prevent you killing yourself because of the Earth’s magnetic activity. The details of government mind control rays are classified, for obvious reasons, but I would, if I were you, worry about wavelengths in the 7.125 to 8.45 GHz range.

Of course, if the government mind control rays are what worries you, you may not be in this 15% of the population. There’s another 9% category that probably fits you better.



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