Epiphany For The Dim

Well, either my nagging paid off or Tony finally pulled his head out of his ass. I was browsing my spam folder, where all of Netflix's messages to me intended for Tony go. The important part of the message is reproduced below, minus the graphics and unimportant stuff:

Dear Tony,

We are sending this email to let you know that your account email address has been changed. Please note it may take up to 1 business day for this change to take effect. If you did not change your email address, please visit Your Account to review or change your information.

-Your friends at Netflix
So, Tony, after almost two years, woke up and realized he signed up to Netflix with the wrong email address. I guess we can upgrade Tony's status from "complete waste of protoplasm" to "empty headed mouth breather". Yeah, he's slow, but he did catch on finally. Surely that's worth something, right? I officially rescind any comments I may have made about the suitability of Tony's continued existence on the planet.

Of course, I'm still somewhat saddened by the fact that Tony has managed to reproduce. Or else he just really enjoys children's programming. Either way, it's a sad thing.

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