The Blub Is Fine

Since I am quite fast to complain about companies who are not up on the need for customer service in this day and age, I figure I should be at least as fast to give credit when it's due.

The aquarium light for the turtle tank cratered on me. After buying a new bulb, I determined the problem wasn't the bulb. It was the ballast for the fluorescent bulb. After contacting my usual supply houses for a matching ballast, I was unable to find one of a similar size. So, in a burst of inspired thinking, I pulled the nameplate off and searched for the manufacturer, Inter-Global.

I called the friendly people at Inter-Global up, and told them I wished to purchase a single ballast to replace my broken one. The nice lady, whose name I don't recall, took my name and address along with the product information. I was informed she would have to check with someone who was at lunch, but that she would get back to me. About 15 minutes later, she called and told me Inter-Global would be shipping me a ballast at no charge.

I'd like to thank the nice people at Inter-Global for taking care of me. It's not like I bought the ballast from them or will ever be in a position to buy from them, since they are an OEM supplier. Still, I had one of their products in hand which was broken, and they sent me a replacement based on nothing more than a phone call. If you ever need a few hundred ballasts for some application, you could probably do worse than to call them.



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